Personal Training

I work as a personal trainer and also take a number of classes thoughout my local area of Skipton. I will travel to see you or you can come and workout in a dedicated personal training gym. I work with my colleague Matthew Speres and between us we will help you achieve your fitness goals. Please contact me on 07734445648 or use the contact form. If you are wanting to run with me please call or use the contact form as well.

My Classes are run throughout the local area and do not require booking, so please give me a call or email and I am sure there will be something for you.

We provide personal 1 on 1 gym based sessions that last 60 minutes and entail cardiovascular training, strength training, core stability work and stretching depending on the individual's goals.


One off sessions £20

4 week block prices:

1x per week - £ 50

2x per week - £100

3x per week - £130