Another tough week of classes has pushed my knee pretty hard, but i think there is some improvements..... I think its getting stronger.

This weekend has seen a pretty big change for me. This is something i should have already been doing but I am now eating fresh food. This morning I went to the local farm shop and organised my entire meals for the week. I often hear many people say they dont have time to eat healthy and its easier to grab things on the go. Really??? I have got all the meats, veg and fruit I need to feed me for the week. Plan your meals and plan your workouts around your work. 

I, like many of you work full time. I work as a teacher and as with many jobs brings its own highs and lows. Every Sunday evening I will look at my week and see where I will be able to do certain workouts so i am not working certain muscle groups too much. This is something I have started to do as I have got older. 

I think the main message is this, fail to prepare, prepare to fail. Yes this is taken from Bejamin Franklin but what a fantastic way to live your life. Prepare for everything!

09/11/14 - 09/11/2014

Another tough week of classes has pushed my knee pretty hard, but i think there is some improvements..... I think its getting stronger.

This weekend has seen a pretty big change for me. This is something i should have already been doing but I am now eating fresh food. This morning I went to the local farm shop and organised my entire meals for the week. I often hear many people say they dont have time to eat healthy and its easier to grab things on the go. Really??? I have got all the meats, veg and fruit I need to feed me for the week. Plan your meals and plan your workouts around your work. 

I, like many of you work full time. I work as a teacher and as with many jobs brings its own highs and lows. Every Sunday evening I will look at my week and see where I will be able to do certain workouts so i am not working certain muscle groups too much. This is something I have started to do as I have got older. 

I think the main message is this, fail to prepare, prepare to fail. Yes this is taken from Bejamin Franklin but what a fantastic way to live your life. Prepare for everything!

09/08/2013 - 09/08/2013

Have you ever Googled yourself??? I knew something would probably come up about the run but this nearly brought a tear to my eye. This was written by my younger brother in response to an article on the Daily Mail website. I don’t remember having read this before. Having just attended his amazing wedding… hearing some amazing speeches it doesn’t surprise me he is able to write things like this.

I am today, the proudest brother in the world. However, I am also the most devastated brother because today I was not able to cheer my brother on during his final day, completing the most epic of epic runs! As ever, I am in complete awe of a man who not only has done all of this but has done it with the broadest of smiles upon his face. His humility in his achievement is also something which my egotistical and arrogant self struggles to comprehend but that is my brother. A man who has given everything for a worthy cause. I think that words of William Doane aptly summarise what I'm trying to say. You don't need to keep on keeping on now brother, you're home! Thank you for the last 50 days and to all of you out there who haven't done..give him a donation, you know he deserves it! "Life has no smooth road for any of us; and in the bracing atmosphere of a high aim the very roughness stimulates the climber to steadier steps, till the legend, "over steep ways to the stars," fulfills itself."

As my friend Tony the Fridge @tony_the_fridge drags his fridge from John O Groats to Lands End I hope you can all visit his website and support him. What Tony has done is manage to inspire me once again to push myself harder than ever before. The current record for John O Groats to Lands End is 9 Days, 2 hours and 26 minutes. In June next year I will try and break this. 100 miles a day for 9 days.

New Challenge - 16/07/2012

Back training hard!! Been out running tonight, then straight back and on the bike. A good couple of hours training! the new challenge has been set and now the training starts for that! If you ca...n, go and have a look at the page and like it if you can! This is what i will be doing next October! October 2013 will be Route 66 then fingers crossed I will be running the Marathon Des Sables in April 2014!! The legs are burning at the thought of it but I just cannot wait!! To cycle Route 66 in 7 days is going to be a tough ask, but we have over a year to train for it so it should be EPIC!! Training is currently, heavy legs twice a week with minimal upper body. Still running hard but at the end of each run there is at least an hour on the bike. So far the only time I have fallen off is in my own garage!! Not a great look! Hopefully the shop will be up and running on the website soon so you can buy Epic Run T shirts and maybe even Route 66 cycle shirts!!?? I should say that the Route 66 cycle challenge is a team of guys, which for me is something different but somemthing I am really looking forward too. Having other people there to share the ups and downs will be amazing. Cannot Wait!

Day 49 - 24/05/2012

I have worked out that to beat the heat you need to start early hence the reason i can update earlier. Running early is great, really fresh and most of the world is still asleep. Went well again today but as the sun burnt through the pace slowed. Sweat poured from my cap, so much so that as i looked forward it looked like rain! The contrast in landscape is amazing. Not so long ago I was in beautiful St Ives, today I was in the not so gorgeous St Helens (apologies if you live there or come from there). It tells you alot about a place by how many times you stop to get dog poo out of your trainer!! Lovely. As I have said many times while on the run it has always been the local people and their support that pushes me on. Today was no different. A bloke, who can only be described as a chav, stopped at the side of the road, socks tucked firmly into his track suit bottoms, shirtless, began clapping and shouting "go on Sam!". At first I was a little concerned with how he knew my name, then I remembered it is plastered all over the van!! I smiled, gave him a thumbs up and pressed on to Wigan. As the day wore on I could feel my stomach cramping, the amount I was sweating was not been replaced fast enough. It is something I am really struggling with. Nearly there now though. Everyone else might be counting down the miles, for me, its two more ice baths to endure! If you want a t shirt please text 07743823856. Smiling big, running hard and running home.

Day 48 - 23/05/2012

Miles and miles of happy running. A great day returning onto English soil for the last time on this trip! What a great feeling. The sun was shining, people are smiling and the landscape is starting to look alot more like home. Setting out early this morning there is a huge climb out of Ruthin towards Mold but once that was conquered it was plain sailing all the way through Chester and up in to Runcorn later this afternoon. I love Chester, it felt great to be running on those old roads, looking at all the amazing buildings in the city. I think throughout the run my navigation has got much better, today I baffled even myself. Running through Chester there are a number of subways which help you cross busy roads. I somehow managed to go down one set of stairs spent five minutes underground and came up at the exact point which I had started! I still have no idea how I managed this. After a couple of minutes swearing at myself for my own stupidity I managed to cross the subway and emerge successfully at the other side. Fluid intake was once again a priority today, its getting tougher and tougher to take on enough as it makes me feel more and more sick. Yesterday I was nervous and a little sad about finishing but today I am just excited. I know my legs need to stop. Plus I want to start planning the next thing, ha ha ha ha. Thinking America?? Thanks to all who gave me ideas for my playlist. Today was Foo Fighters, James, Queen, ACDC, Quo, Limp Bizkit, Nirvana, Europe and some random songs like Jeruselam and You'll Never Walk Alone (Just for John Bishop). Tomorrow we continue Northup to Black Rod. Keep sharing guys lets get to 3000! If you want an Epic Run T Shirt they are £10. Just text me or send me a message on here or on the website contact form and I will sort them out for you! Smiling big, running hard and running home.

Day 47 - 22/05/2012

Its been a pretty good day today. Getting out of Bangor this morning after spending sometime at "The Unit" which was awesome! Love looking at the way people train. Especially love meeting like minded people. Favourite line "train insane or stay the same". This run is hopefully insane enough! Pushed really hard for the rest of the day as just been back in a gym gave me motivation to kick my own ass up a gear. Feeling great now. Was strange to move away from the coast and begin the climb into England and back towards home. Some truly brutal hills today but as I have mentioned before I do enjoy the challenge of a hill. The best thing about Wales is the reward when you reach the top. The weather has really helped in this last week, the sun beaming down makes everything a bit easier. Had some great news about people covering the run but dont want to give too much away just yet but hopefully the run will be going national!! Well done and thank you to everyone who has made that possible. I arrived in the beautiful town of Ruthin this afternoon and I am staying at the gorgeous its awesome! Thank you to George at Bathingbeauty for my Osteopath help tonight. Might mean my hip will make it home!! Tomorrow I will step foot on English soil again, and continue my move up England towards Skipton High Street. I have a strange feeling of sadness, excitement and nervousness about getting home. The run has taken over everything and now it is coming to an end. I wanted to ask this last night?? What is the best song to have that motivates you?? Smiling big, running hard and running home.

Day 46 - 21/05/2012

Today has been the first day where I have thought about the finish. I thought about getting home and what I am going to do on Sunday. Sitting down is pretty high on the "To Do List". Pain is now a constant part of my life, it is just all about pain management. I can manage the pain in my shin and i can manage the pain in my right knee but my right hip is something else entirely. Fortunately I have worked a way round this, when this pain comes on I run in Zig Zags down the road for a while, moving my weight from one foot to the other. I just look a little bit strange. Stopped in Menai Bridge tonight after running from Barmouth this morning. The roads were great for running, nice and wide. Ran down to Abersoch where I had dinner then across the Lleyn Peninsula and up through Caernarfon to Bangor. The sun has been shining all day and hopefully i will be bringing this weather back with me. I will definitely not miss shaving my legs after the run!! How people do this all the time is beyond me!! I think Stevie Wonder would do a better job! I have even had my milk bottle legs out today, first time I have worn shorts on the trip! Think there were more near misses after I put them on, as I dazzled people with my amazing white legs!! Some one suggested we aim for 3000 likes tonight! We havent done this in a while so lets give it a try!! Share share share like like like!! Smiling big, running hard and running home!

Day 45 - 20/05/2012

Another glorious day in sunny Wales, i think the locals would describe it as lush!!It has been a pretty good day, legs loosened off quite fast and was straight into my stride. It was good to have company today as many of the stetches were quite isolated coming up the coast. We stopped for dinner at a small town in a cafe that was certainly a "local place for local people". I do generally get funny looks when i am just wearing my running tights and a vest but today the stares were more like the ones I have seen in horror films. It never ends well for the innocent tourist! Moving rapidly after dinner I once again hit my stride and headed along the costal roads through Aberdyfi and into the gorgeous seaside town of Barmouth. The landscape here is hard to describe it is so amazing, with rolling green hills all the way down to the sea. I love looking out to sea at one side and at the other fields and hills as far as you can see. Tomorrow might be tougher as we enter Snowdonia National Park but hopefully not all the climbs will be killers! Took some good photos today especially one on top of the support vehicle. I was trying to look like I was surfing but even 10 feet up my fear of heights stops me from moving! Well done to all that took part in the Race for Life today hope you raised loads! Thanks for all the texts, shares and likes! I am sure I will need them all when i hit the climbs tomorrow. Smiling big, running hard and running home.

Day 44 - 19/05/2012

Not the toughest day on the trip so far but well up there. Left shin is pulling hard on every climb and right knee and hip grate on every decent. Went to buy painkillers this morning and they only let me have 2 packs!! Might last till tomorrow?? Wales still throws some challenges my way every now and again but also shows some great scenary and amazing generosity. Not only is my body hurting but the chemical toilet was in full use as well. Support vehicle evacuated rapidly! A 6'3 man should not have to manouvre himself on to a toilet that is about 30cm tall! Its is not a good look!! Its always good to have someone run with you and even better when they are a good mate that never shuts up!! Best line ever today.... We were both answering the call of nature and he turns to me and says "they come in medium and large you know"!! Actually couldnt keep peeing as I was laughing so much. One thing I have really started to like is meeting people that have driven past us on the road and then stopped further up the road. They stop and chat and nearly always donate. One particular guy emptied all the change he had in his Landrover. Its amazing. Cannot believe that this time next week I will be back home. Have really enjoyed Tiffin and Lemon Drizzle cake today! Lots of calories! Up to Barmouth tomorrow. Smiling big, running hard and running home.

Day 43 - 18/05/2012

I dont know whether it was me getting complacent or over confident but today i was brought back down to Earth with a massive and amazingly painful bang! The miles still went by like normal but every step was met with a screaming pain through my left shin, right knee and right hip. The pain got so much it was making me feel sick. The pain has helped remind me that there is still some hard work to go! In Fishguard tonight heading to Aberystwyth tomorrow. Ran through St Davids today which is Britains smallest city which was cool and also through a village called Square and Compass which i think is an awesome name for a village. I am still loving Wales. Today made me dread seeing certain road signs. Downhill 12% = Pain. Uphill 12% = Pain. Blind Summit = Pain. Castle = Pain. Anytime you see a sign for a castle you know there is a reason why its still standing, and it is usually because the enemy could not be bothered going up the massive hill it is built on! Once again Wales was kind with car honks and the weather was on my side aswell with just a light shower later this afternoon. Aside from running I had the worst experience ever!!! I felt something moving in my tights this afternoon after 35 miles of running.... Pulling my tights off rapidly there was a huge spider moving down my leg!!!! Yes I am scared of them! No, I have no idea how long it had been in there or more disturbingly where it had come from!!! I am hoping it has no friends! Smiling big, running hard and running home.

Day 42 - 17/05/2012

Had some great company again this morning, and he managed to achieve his goal of a marathon. Unfortunately I had another one still too go! Some really tough climbs today but still loving Wales. Lovely little beaches and winding country roads just help the miles tick by. Had a lovely stay at the Stradey Park Hotel in Llanelli last night and would recommend to anyone. Was up and out this morning and straight into 9 minute miles. I dont think my running partner had the same enthusiam for hills that I have, it tends to be the climbs that breaks people, but a great run with him all the same. Had some running repairs done on the van today, nothing abit of electrical tape couldnt fix! Come on Herbie only 8 more days! Hopefully you all saw John Bishops share of my page last night. What a flipping legend! A massive thank you to him for the support, it is very much appreciated. So much so I listened to his sunshine tour on my ipod today! You always look a bit of a nutter when howling with laughter and running up a killer climb. I have revised my running plan a bit as when i set off I did compansate for injury and illness, luckily this has not happened. So I have not filled those days with abit more running in Wales and also to try and get near John Bishop in Runcorn. Body wise the last couple have days have hurt! But with Bish sharing the page its given me a big push. Thanks to ev

Day 41 - 16/05/2012

Actually feels good to write that today. Its been another great day of running. Had some company coming out of Cardiff and through Barry this morning which always help the miles go past. I am happy that even after 40 days of running I still managed to get a Three hour and 40 minute marathon time. I love that John Bishop has shared the page! Thanks to everyone who made this possible,and thank you John. I have just been reading the comments on his page with most people think its not possible. Well, come and find me. I am running along the South Coast of Wales. I entered Wales a little nervous, never sure how the people would react to a man running down the streets in tights followed closely by a campervan! I can safely say the people of Wales are awesome! They now lead the car honking league with a massive 139 honks today! Also got some great donations along the way. It was great to run with my top off for a while and get some sun on my milk bottle complexion! Factor 300 tomorrow I think. Managed to break another running partner today. His "runners knee" played up after 16 miles! I have really enjoyed today, even getting lost in Barry and having to use the dreaded chemical toilet (sorry if your having your tea). Nothing could stop me today! Please keep sharing this page! We are close to the 2500 mark. As always, smiling big, running hard and running home.

Day 40 - 15/05/2012

A pretty good day all round. Made it to Wales!! Had to sellotape a pan on my head for a while down the A39. Got plenty of toots and a couple funny looks but never mind. Came up the west coast with plenty of support it was brilliant. Great day for running with the sun out and a slight tail wind. Would not recommend trying to run through Bristol and onto the Severn Bridge its quite busy to be honest! Heading onto South Wales tomorrow through Swansea. Never been down here before so should be good. After the climbs of late yestyerday my body has been screaming for me to stop today. Hamstrings and knees didnt feel like they had loosened all day. The ice bath was once again awful but actually felt the benefits of it tonight. Left it running abit long tonight though.... thought they were going to evacuate the restaurant downstairs! oooppss. Men do not multi task!! Do one thing, and do it well! Cannot believe i have run 2000 miles! Single figure countdown tomorrow. The texts and donations have been great today! Thank you. Please keep the likes coming and remember your challenge is to get to 2500 likes by May 26th. Smiling big, running hard and running home.

Day 39 - 14/05/2012

A good day running with the Army boys. It always makes the miles go well when you have someone to talk to. Starting off with two this morning but one stayed with me for a full marathon which was awesome, especially when he was running in Army Boots and combat trousers! Massive respect. Was abit damp this morning but it helped to cool the sun burn down from yesterday. Came out hot again this afternoon which was not to great as I went up a 25% hill for 2.5 miles. The sweat poured. If you are wondering what its like, the gym treadmills usually go to 15%. So try do that for 2.5 miles and see how much you sweat! or maybe do 35 miles first then try! Really enjoyed today. Pain was not too bad, the views were stunning coming through and out of Lynmouth. I hit the record for toots today aswell with a whopping 121!! Well done Devon. Was once again a great and humbling experience for me to receive donations on the road and really made me happy that the Army boys got to see it as well so they know how much they been to all of us. Should hopefully get into Wales tomorrow which I am really looking forward to. Lets try and get the likes up for the Army Boys today and for my new driver!! Lets show them what Facebook power can do!! SHARE people!! Like Like Like. Smiling big, running hard and running home!

Day 38 - 13/05/2012

A cracking day on the road. The sun has been shining all day and even had a bit of topless running later this afternoon. The camper van did look like a mobile clothes horse for the majority of the day as I tried to dry my clothes! Rain seems like a distant memory now...It was great running weather today, breeze at my back, sun shining all the way along the coast. Got away well this morning and did a strong 17 mile block to start the day. Managed to get some of the food donated in St Ives down me and pushed hard, right through the afternoon. It was great. For a change of scenary think I might come away from the coast and run through Exmoor Forest tomorrow which should be good. Hitting Wales on Tuesday which i am really looking forward too. Every climb I hit today was worth it for the amazing views at the top. We passed through a small town called Boscastle today and got clap from some people sitting on a bench, it was a great feeling. I am sure they knew the massive decent into the town and the massive accent out again. Another driver arrives tonight to join the run. I am trying to upload the video of me running in the rain from the other day with one from today so you can see the contrast in weather. Hope you have seen the picture of the worlds sweatiest hat! I keep threatening my driver with putting the salt on his dinner while he is not looking!! If anyone is wanting to run a few miles just use the contact form on my website or text me 07734445648. Even if you are just bored I will always try and answer if I have service. I really look forward to getting in at night and looking at this page, your comments always make me smile and give me great motivation for the next day. Smiling Big, running hard and running home.

Day 37 - 12/05/2012

Running in the sun. After the battering of the rain earlier in the week, today was a case of managing fluid intake. This morning my body knew that I had not taken enough on. Salt lined my hat from yesterdays sweat which is never a good sign. It seems a difficult balancing act, taking on enough liquid so I dont cramp but also not having so much that I get stomach ache. On a massive plus side I AM HEADING NORTH!! It is a great feeling to have turned the corner. I have now been as far North, South, East and West that I am going! At about 09.30 this morning I stood at Lands End and looked out. It was quite a strange feeling to be stood at the start/finish line of the Lands End to John O Groats challenge. I wondered how many tears had been shed on that line, how many welcome back parties had been thrown and how many people had stumbled over the line thinking "never again". The land is stunning down here it really is a privelage to run these roads. It was made a little easier today after shaving the beard. I was contemplating keeping the tash but couldnt look in the mirror without off it went. A massive thank you to everyone who has donated funds to keep Epic Run going, it really was overwhelming. If I havent got back to you its beacuse I might not be able to so please text 07734445648 and we can arrange details. Although feeling very tired and drained, I have smiled alot today due to your generosity. Thanks again. I have loved people repeating my strap line and now i think i will sign off on it. Smiling big, Running hard and running home.

Day 36 - 11/05/2012

Flipping great day! Weather was amazing all day which resulted in better running. Had great support from the get go this morning, people donating, tooting, waving and clapping. Been on the radio twice today too! Even had a dip in the sea which was so much better than the last time I did it in Scotland! Met up with some friends today who came armed with calories in the shape of a "medium" Cornish pasty. There was nothing medium about that bad boy! Think it could have sunk a ship! Awesome calories though. For the people asking about the beard, I am afraid it got the chop today. This is one occasion where forest gump beats me, how people manage to run or for that matter do anything with a full beard is baffling! Nearly itched my face off today. I am now going to ask something I didn't want to do all the way on this challenge. Your support for me and help for heroes has been outstanding and I hate asking. I am now starting to struggle with refuelling my support vehicle. This journey has been self funded apart from a few very kind donations and sponsors. If there is anyone out there who can help with a donation towards fuel or food please contact me on here or the contact form off my website or even a text. It would be so much appreciated! I have had to update off my phone again and I sometimes miss words or the predictive text decides what to put. If that has been the case I am sorry. Heading north tomorrow people! Cannot wait to take those steps northwards heading up through st Ives and Newquay should be good. Think I my new strap line might be "smiling big, running hard and running home".

Day 35 - 10/05/2012

That was a lot of rain!! Might as well swim. Got changed 6 times today. Not good wifi so having to update from my phone. The head winds and rain were brutal today trying to beat me backwards. Got some great support today from car horns! Free hotel as well which is great! Feeling better today, everything hurts but smiling through the wind and rain just feels like another battle won. Only two more days on the south coast then for the first time I am heading north. That's right kids "the running man" is running home. I have a new website as well which is great!! Good pics and abit more info for people. Hello to every new liker and to the faithful out there, running hard and running home. Lands end tomorrow!!

Day 34 - 09/05/2012

Today has been a monumentally tough day. Climb after climb after climb coupled with rain all day has made today long and miserable. Three of the climbs today had a gradient of 25%. The only problem with the climbs is that the down hill is equally as steep and hurts alot. Your messages have kept me going today. A message came through tonight at the end of my day saying they had passed me yesterday and they couldnt believe I was still smiling. Think thats the one thing I will remember from this, when everything hurts and your body is screaming to stop, just smile and plod on. Had to go up a size of trainer on my left foot due to the swelling but it was much more comfortable after the change. In Newton Abbott tonight heading towards Plymouth tomorrow. One highlight from today was running through the town of Beer, unfortuately I didnt have a beer in Beer. Sorry for the short update tonight. Shattered just doesnt cover it.

Day 33 - 08/05/2012

Day 33. Its all over........... ha ha ha only joking but Epic Run nearly came to an unexpected end this morning when I was stuck in a bedroom! With the help of some lovely neighbours I got out and hit the road hard. Running through the New Forest and into Christchurch. From Christchurch I met up with my new driver and away I went. Down Bournemouth beach and onto Wareham. Today was warm and sunny with most of the running done in just a vest and running tights. Having never really spent any time in this part of the UK I can honestly say it is amazing. Some tough climbs but they are always worth it when you get to the top. Tonight I am stopping at The Bull Hotel in Bridport for free!! Many thanks for this, it is an amzing place and they even had the local paper here to interview me when I arrived. Not loving photo shoots at the moment as I look like Tom Hanks in Castaway. For those that have not seen it, he has a big beard! I should point out at some point that 50 miles still hurts! I just dont want to come on here and moan to you guys. If you are wondering about the pain.... here goes.... My left ankle is swollen and is iced every night, my right hip hurts with the constant thud of the road, an old break in my foot is now a massive lump and rubs hard against the top of my trainer, my left knee is twisting due to the cambre of the road making a small bone in the front pull hard against the tendon, my elbows ache constantly, my right knee burns at the slightest undulation in the road, I have one toe nail left on my left foot and my right achillies has swollen twice the size it should be and grates when i move. Other places are sore but I know children read this and so does my mum. Lets just say, one day I wore the wrong boxers!!

Day 32 - 07/05/2012

Day 32...... I think? What a day. We cannot still be in a state of drought!! I was soaked all day! I do weirdly enjoy running in the rain. Massive thanks to Sara for driving the past week and to my emergancy drivers this afternoon who were drafted in at the last minute. Thank you to you all. Visited HMS Dragon this morning in Portsmouth, this is the Navys newest member of the fleet! Met some great servicemen and women on there and I got to sit in the captains chair! Stopping in Waterlooville tonight having some great food and hospitality, once again thank you to everyone who made this possible. Quite enjoying the South Coast, good donations, good people think we might have it wrong up North?? Havent met anyone who doesnt want to talk to me!! Still amazed at peoples generosity everyday, really glad my drivers get to see it. Book is coming along well, done a really good chunk of it today. Heading into Bridport tomorrow, back on the coast after a bit of the New Forest. Cant believe we have got to 2000 likes! Just amazing! Hello to all the new likes! Keep it going everyone! I'll keep running if you keep liking! Really feel like I am on the countdown now. I have been told that there might be some decent climbs tomorrow so will see how I go! Hoping for some better weather!

Day 31 - 06/05/2012

Another good day along the South Coast. Great to see some familiar faces this morning just outside Bexhill and then again this afternoon in Brighton. It was strange to run in Brighton with so many people on the road and on the pavements in comparison to Scotland when i would only see two people in the entire day! Eastbourne was really good but my god there was a climb coming out of there and round to Beachy Head. It was great running again with the wind at my back. The people down here have been great with some stopping and applauding while I ran past which was a great feeling. Its Bognor Regis tonight and HMS Dragon tomorrow which should be great then onto Christchurch. Got 54 Honks and 4 near misses today. Playlist today included Kasabian - Underdog (Played very loud), Westlife - You Raise Me Up (Yes I am that cool) and Up Around the Bend - Creedance Clearwater Revival. The problem with having alot of people around you is that they look at you a touch strange when you are singing while you run along the promenade in Brighton! Someone mentioned today, how strange it was to be in a large group of people and them not knowing where i have run from! They just think i am another runner, out for a Sunday afternoon jog along the beach. Little do they know! Here is the challenge, 2000 likes tonight?? Not a massive ask I don't think?? Lets GO GO GO!LIKE LIKE LIKE!!

Day 30 - 05/05/2012

Another day done and dusted. The miles shot by this morning. It was great to meet some people along the way today. Had a little welcoming party this morning just outside Folkestone which really made my morning. Wind at my back all day, running on the sea wall and only a couple of tough climbs made today a flipping good day. Topping off a great day running was hearing that Gisburn Auction raised £545 today!! Thank you to all who were involved there. Tomorrow I run from BexHill to Bognor Regis, heading through Eastbourne and Brighton, hoping for a similar day. Epic Run Fever certainly seems to be going international now which is just awesome. Thank you to all the new likers and sharers. Playlist today was the Rocky 3 and 4 soundtrack. Eye of the Tiger = Brilliant. Also listened to Nessum Dorma (which might be quite sad but sends chills down my spine every time) and also the entire Avenue Q soundtrack which is again quite sad but very funny! I cant believe how well the miles went today, such a great day. I know for most this must get boring but once again like like like share share share. If you are running tomorrow, good luck, I hope like today was for me that the wind is at your back the whole day.

Day 29 - 04/05/2012

3 weeks to go!! Today has been a great day! If you are eating your tea I apologise for the next bit. I have had a really bad stomach today so my pace has been pretty good, between toilets!! Perfect running weather, no head wind, not raining but not to hot. Blasted out of the blocks today heading East towards Hernes Bay then moved southwards towards Canterbury. It was great to have dinner in a town called Sandwich. I am a geek, so it was ace to be able to have a sandwich in Sandwich (well i thought it was funny). Maybe thats what happens after 29 days of running. Got into Dover late afternoon running along the costal paths until the cliffs came into view. It was great to stand and look at them for a while. I ran along an ancient road today which was great. My only fear at the moment is not that I wont finish but I will fall down a pothole or slip off a pavement! I concentrate so hard on where I put my feet, much more than i was at the start. I got 94 honks and only 4 near misses today so a pretty good ratio. Tomorrow I start along the South Coast. I have also had one of the best ever donations - A Sheep and Two Lambs!! Selling tomorrow at Gisburn Auction with all proceeds going to Epic Run! Playlist today was We Are Young - Fun, Unbelievable - EMF and Dominick the Donkey - Lou Monte (yes i know thats a xmas song). Bit of a Mayday call now! I need a driver for Monday afternoon, Tuesday all day and Wednesday morning if anyone is free or knows someone who might be free on the South Coast. Near Bridport Area. I should also mention that I got an email from Dean Karnezes last night. This guy is the Ultra Running equivilant of David Beckham! It was ace! Hope everyone has a good Bank Holiday. If you see me out give me a toot! If not a text, share or like are equally as awesome.

Day 28 - 03/05/2012

Better day today. Not quite free flowing but going better than yesterday, i suppose after 28 days I wont be free flowing! I woke up this morning to find out I was an Uncle again. Welcome to the world baby Wellock, all 8 pound 10 ounce of you! Puts my pain in perspective. Running towards London during rush hour was not a pleasant experience! The near miss to car horns ratio was a lot closer today! I am starting to feel like a cartoon character where the rain cloud just follows them round. Yes it rained, again. Just read that over the next few days there are flood warnings and the temps are going to drop again! Lovely jubbly. Just have to run quicker I reckon?? Managed to get right round past Gravesend and into to Whitstable today which is awesome as it means tomorrow should be much better. The roads should be quiter meaning I can get a better stride pattern. I could feel the tension in my shoulders today as I ran. One thing that kept me going today was a message from a follower on here telling me of a friend who has just lost both legs but was recieving great care at Camp Bastion. That's why I am running. Tomorrow I will see the White Cliffs of Dover for the first time ever, really looking forward to it. I always want to try and write something motivational to finish off, but I suppose the best thing I can put is that I have inspired a 40 year old mother of 2 to enter a marathon. That is enough for me. As always, share share share! Lets try 2000 likes? I think you have it in you!!

Day 27 - 02/05/2012

Some good running, some people from home, an awesome physio and the sun all in all not a bad day!! It has been suggested by a few that I am the answer to the drought, as where ever I run, it rains!! Not today though. Through gritted teeth, plenty of pain killers and company from home the miles sailed by. My ankle/shin was once again in constant pain but I got to see Neil Foster (physio and ex England Cricketer) tonight which was ace. Like many of you have said, if it was easy everyone would do it, so I wont grumble. I have run in Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex today. Suffolk should probably be called the Pig farming Capital of the UK. They smell, alot. I have also decided that my new Mastermind specialist subject could be most common roadkill in UK counties or "A" Roads of the UK. I am now in Manningtree whose claim to fame is being the smallest town in England. Whether or not that is the case it seems pretty nice. Better than Great Yarmouth anyway!!Tomorrow I am heading out past Colchester and down towards Margate. Tomorrow will be harder than normal as I am having to navigate around London. Should be fun. Thank you to everyone for the messages of support, the shares and likes. Keep them all coming. I will try and do a video tomorrow to keep you entertained. London Baby!

Day 26 - 01/05/2012

Today was supposed to be a good day, heading home, passed half way, counting down and generally good stuff. Unfortunately it didnt happen quite like that! The awful weather returned this morning and it was freezing, coupled with an unbelieveable pain in my ankle/knee/shin on my left leg the day has been an absolute battle. I have heard things described as blood, sweat and tears before. Today was that day. Heading out of Cromer the horn honking was good and the near misses minimal. After about 1.5 hours of running the rain was coming down so hard I couldnt raise my head to look forward due to the wind and rain so spent the majority of the morning staring down at the floor. Thank you to everyone for the peeps and honks, they always help. One person this morning was my highlight of today who has written to me on here, the smiles and cheers from the kids coming past this morning really kept me going. In Great Yarmouth tonight. Painkillers going down well. Dont panic, not to many. Been reading all your messages today and looking at all your shares just to try and keep me going. Thank you, every single one of you for liking, texting and sharing. For all you doubters, I am not stopping, I am on my way home, even if I crawl into Skipton I just want to see your faces. Before I go, Thank you to the Grove Hotel at Cromer who let me stay free of charge last night and gave me a fantastic meal. For anyone visiting the area, go there!! Well its that time again guys!! SHARE SHARE SHARE. As Gayle Sharp says EPIC RUN FEVER!!!

Day 25 - 30/04/2012

It feels great even to write that!! Everything from now is counting down. Continuing on from yesterdays good running today was also a good day! It always helps when the sun is out. First time in 25 days that I have been able to wear a vest when running and not have to have 6 layers, my beanie hat and gloves on!! Think I might even have a tan line! Although I ran well and was well fuelled my camper van was not, and ran out of fuel about 14 miles outside Cromer!! OOOOPPPPSSS! Luckily we were only half a mile from a garage. A quick top up and a trundle down to the petrol station and all was sorted! I was so glad it was just fuel running out as my mechanical expertise runs out at the windscreen wash stuff!!! I have been told a couple of lies while on my run. 1. Everything from Scotland South is down hill. Not true. 2. You do get use to ice baths. Again, not true. Tonight, was the worst ice bath yet, as while i was slowly lowering myself into the freezing water I slipped plunging my entire body very quickly into the ice cold water!! After gasping for breath and swearing at anything and everything in the bathroom, I managed to lay still. A highlight from today was passing another runner who was also wearing tights. He might think me a little odd but i couldnt stop staring at him! He was either very very blessed or he was hiding a torch! Today we got 90 toots and there were only 5 near misses!! Thats a pretty good day! Tonight instead of going for a number of likes lets try for a number of shares!! If each person can share this update then in theory the likes should go up!! Worth a shot!!

Day 24 - 29/04/2012

What a bloody fantastic day!! It was amazing!! The weather can only have been described as torrential but even that was not stopping me today!! Joined by a hoard of people all day it was brilliant! With all the people running or cycling with me it made the day go really fast and even people at the end of the phone my my already big smile massive!!! Thank you, just for talking to me. As already mentioned the weather today has been awful so to clock a time of under four hours for my first marathon was great! One major amusement for me today was to have Matt Speres (A native of South Africa, a much warmer country than this) cycling next to me wearing nearly 40 layers of clothing one of which was a ski jacket!! Brilliant! I did mention to the guys that joined me today that I am actually getting nervous about writing my updates as my followers grow!! I should apologise now for my spelling and grammar!My younger brother (English Teacher) would probably not be to happy with it!! On the menu tonight was a Dominos Meal Deal for 4 with 2 puddings!! Carb Loading!! You What!! One of the guys who joined me today would like to get the likes over 1500 today! This is where you guys work hard! Lets get sharing! Onto Cromer tomorrow from a now annoyingly dry Kings Lynn!!

Day 23 - 28/04/2012

As always seems to be the case a couple of ok/good days are followed by one very very bad day!! Had no sleep at all last night and a shocking day on the road. Wasnt able to concentrate on anything today. I have done alot of swearing at the top of voice knowing that the wind would not allow anyone to hear it! The wind has turned against me today and made every step a battle. I have also discovered that running and singing at the top of your lungs makes people look at you like you might be a touch crazy!! The songs I was singing would have also been quite strange for some... You're the Best Thing by Style Council, Kiss Me by Ed Sheeran, Neutron Star Collision by Muse and At Last by Etta James. All of these songs were screamed at the top of my lungs! Hoping anyone would hear them. Thankfully I remembered what Jane Peggs had told me "keep my best memories and lock them up tight and when things get really hard use those memories to get you through" . Thanks Jane. I listened to Tracy Chapman - Fast Car after this and it just made me smile even if was just five minutes. I am in "sunny" Skegness now and heading down to Kings Lynn tomorrow. Supposed to be one of the worst days of the year (weatherwise) tomorrow but hopefully my body will be better. It was commented last time that I should never feel sorry for myself and I dont, next time things get hard I will try to remember and just smile. At the end of pain is success.

Day 22 - 27/04/2012

Ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow! Toes are bad today and shin is hurting but with a tail wind most of the day the miles sailed on by. Today was a good day as people joined me for the run, especially the last section of the day which is always painful. Meeting me at the Humber Bridge and running through Barton and Barrow was great. Amazing sleepy little villages. Donations through the van window have been great today. I have made an awesome video today aswell, which has helped raise my spirits abit but will be late as i am off to eat my body weight in pizza! No messing about when it comes to food. 2 starters, 2 mains and 2 puddings! Even after 22 days I still love it when i talk to people on the street and you can see their reaction when I tell them what I am doing. The usual answer at the moment is bloody hell, i dont think i could do 50 yards! Weather today has been good and my milk bottle like tan is going well. A nice red line across my neck!! It feels pretty good knowing I am getting close to half way. Someone else has mentioned reading my book which is good it might mean that I will sell at least 4 copies of it! I did have a thought that I would walk into my mums and there just been 1000 copies stacked up just so i didnt feel bad! My mum is a legend! Hopefully she will like the video. Keep liking guys, keep sharing. Hopefully see some of you over the weekend.

Day 21 - 26/04/2012

Tough day running. Got through some good milesage this morning coming down from Redcar to Scarborough. Was great to run along the beach and to see people from home. Nevermind about the Chris Moyles thing, I think Gayle Sharp has a new idea which is much better. Lets get the kids involved and try to inspire them for the future. I for one certainly like this idea better. Had to change clothes after about 30 minutes this morning as the rain belted down, almost like having a bucket of water thrown over me. In Filey tonight which is a lovely place. I am trying to upload a video i took of me running this morning up a monster climb. I have noticed that Whitby has a couple of very steep hills!!! They were not pleasant at all. A person called Joanne Stork posted this to me a couple of days ago and i listen to it every morning now. The first line of this rings true for me every day.

Day 20 - 25/04/2012

What a great day! Weather this morning was good but was like a waterfall this afternoon!! Running in a monsson is not great put Tony "The Fridge" Morrison (Pictured below at the end of today) kept me going all day! Tony also was able to see just exactly how the run changes your views of people. A Hoody/Chav (apologies if you are now liking this page and it was you) approached us today just outside Sunderland and asked us "Is it you thats doing that run?", "yeah" I replied nervously. He then went on to say what an amazing challenge it was and as he left donated £10. Never judge a book by its cover, what a fantastic lad. Today I have run with Tony all day it has been great to have someone there telling me about why they love doing crazy challenges and there own reasons for wanting to run 50 miles. Its amazing the things you talk about over 50 miles! It was also fantastic to have my very own psycological profile done this morning from Gayle, Kirstie and Jo while running don a Dual Carriage way. One of the best questions ever.... Bush or Shaven Haven???!!!! (Sorry if you are under age and reading that). My knee was good today with not too much discomfort which was massively due to having someone there to talk to so I didnt think about it all day. I step back in to Yorkshire tomorrow and cannot wait! Hopefully you have all seen the other update about texting Chris Moyles in the morning!! Lets really hammer it! The likes are fantastic and please keep them coming. I read all your comments every night, they are fantastic!

Day 19 - 24/04/2012

Sorry people but its been a rubbish day today. Trying not to feel sorry for myself today. Went to the physio this afternoon once the pain had got to bad, he was an evil little buggar! Thought he was going to pull my leg off!! Have a strange hard lump on the front of my knee that has come from the way I run but its not something that will make me stop, will just be uncomfortable for a while. I have got company tomorrow and I canot wait to have someone run with me all day. Just some one to talk at me for a while. Ran to Holy Island this morning which was good as the tide was out. Would have been pretty scary had the tide been coming in I imagine!! Was worth the awful weather and the pain in my knee just for the view when we got there. Although today has been incredibly painful, Gayle Sharp text me this evening and made me remember the reason I am running. I am running for those that cant. Thank you Gayle. Having read the comments that many of you have written i think the new target should be 2,500 likes by the time I am finished. That would be one like for every mile! Lets see how we go. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.

Day 18 - 23/04/2012

Happy St. Georges Day people! Back in England and it feels great to be back. Back to pain again today though. Started this morning in glorious sunshine and ran really well till about 2pm. After starting back out this afternoon I usually free up a little bit but today my knee would not loosen off. Thankfully I had already got the bulk of the running done. The weather has once again been amazing and I was able to run most of the day in just my skins. I was pushed hard today knowing that we had hit 1000 likes last night which is just fantastic. I have videoed my ice bath tonight for your amusement, but dont panic I keep my shorts on! I am now on the Easy Coast all the way down to Dover which is great and I will soon be back in Yorkshire as well. I will definitely miss Scotland. Scotland has been amazing and the people have all been fantastic. Today was another example when an elderly couple stopped what they were doing put their bags down and started applauding me while I ran past. Another lady stopped in front of me and donated £10 into the van. It made me wonder, that if I saw some mental guy running through town followed by a van what would I do... Probably think "what a nutter"! It was quite a humbling experience. As normal, thank you to everyone for the likes, shares, texts and tweets. While you guys share I will try and repair.

Day 17 - 22/04/2012

Another good day of running. Weather was perfect for running infact it was too hot!! I know that is hard to believe in Scotland but I had to put sun screen on!! I do (for those that dont know me) have the same skin tone as a polar bear , hence the sun screen. The Forth Bridge did nothng but reaffirm my tremendous fear of heights. There was not much running done across there as i wasnt able to let go of the railings!!! I was going to film the run across there for you but everytime I looked down I had to hold on! It was amazing to run through the streets of Edinburgh and passed Musselburgh racecourse. It was quite a change from the past week of running through forests and having mountains round me. I was back to running in civilisation. It was good to have people around me and to see other runners out on the pavements. Its a strange feeling to think i will be back in England tomorrow! I have loved running through Scotland, even during a bad day the scenary has been amazing. I have ended my day in a sleepy little town right on the seafront called Aberlady. Tomorrow night I will be writing to you from Berwick on Tweed in England!! Ok guys now for the serious bit! Lets get to 1000 likes tonight! If every single one of you share the page then we would make it!!! Lets do it!! Keep them coming!! Please keep all the messages and calls coming in and dont forget that if you text me please put your name on the text.

Day 16 - 21/04/2012

What a great day! Rained for 4 hours this morning but nothing was stopping me today! Broken my day down now into 2 sets of 13 miles then 3 sets of 7 miles in the afternoon. I then just have a few miles to finish off the day! A highlight of today was running past St Andrews Golf Course and been joined by a random cyclist who made 13 miles seem very fast. The weather was much better this afternoon and it was great to be on the coast for the last 20 miles. It was great to hear my mum describe me as the duracell bunny! A kid was trying to give me a donation today while I was running so set off after me but gave over after about half a mile and just settled to handing the fiver to my mum in the van. If you are reading this, I am sorry I was listening to Bruce Springsteen and running quite fast to Born in the USA. Once again thanks for the many messages of support. To all the people that share and like this page I cannot thank you enough! Tomorrow we tackle Edingburgh! Should be interesting! If anyone wants to text or call me tomorrow feel free its 07734445648. Messages on here work just as well!!

Day 15 - 20/04/2012

Much much much better day. Got mad at myself for nearly giving up yesterday so got up early this morning and went out fast! Needed to do 57 miles today to cath up a couple from yesterday. Went hard and fast all day and felt great! The mid afternoon dip in the sea really helped, I was able to get my muscles iced then get changed and crack on. I can safely say I have worked for every single pound of your donations today. Not only running but changing the chemical toilet in the van was not a highlight of my journey especially when the bottom came off and the contents went all over my foot!!! Mum was not a great help as she was laughing too hard to help me! Next highlight was running through Montrose where my mum (driver) said she would wait for me at the other side of the town so we did not hold up the traffic. 10 miles later I had still not seen my mum so I rang her. She was still sat reading the paper in a car park!!! I had just run up a massive hill with rain beating down! Once again my mum was struggling to drive as she was laughing so hard when she caught me up. I have managed the pain in my ankle with heavy strapping and it seems to have done the trick. Thanks everyone for the jokes, texts, calls, tweets and facebook shares! Please keep them all coming!

Day 14 - 19/04/2012

Really tough day today. Went out this morning really hard and made good mileage but as the weather turned for the worse the climbs got harder and harder. Getting to lunch time was fine but then my ankle began to swell and it became so swollen I had to take my trainer off. I strapped my ankle and ran as hard as I could but my pace was really down making every step this afternoon very painful. I have been quite lucky with the weather so far and was due a tough day. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. Unfortunately my headphones stopped working so I was not able to talk to people or listen to music so ended up talking to myself! I apologise if you saw me today as I was swearing at myself quite alot. Luckily my phone was working so I can se the messages and likes coming in. I know I say this every time but please keep sharing and posting my page!! As well as distance goals the "likes" goal of 1000 help keep me going.

Day 13 - 18/04/2012

Much better day today all round. Have worked out that it's better to go out hard and abit faster in the morning. Get through more miles before dinner then wind down gradually in the afternoon as starting again after dinner is always tough. Passed RAF Kinloss and Lossiemouth today which was awesome. The planes were so close today I think I could see the pilot!! Not good trying to look at them as I tend to drift in to the middle of the road!! The blue strapping sent by Jane Peggs has worked wonders for my knees, with very little pain today. It's now more about pain management, as the pain is always there. Heading more in land tomorrow so quite a few tough climbs to tackle. If every person that is a "new like" can share my page with all your friends and they do the same, in theory it should keep growing. Today my soundtrack was Adele first up followed by queens greatest hits then abit of learning Spanish!! Still not great at that though!!

Day 12 - 17/04/2012

Much better day today. Ran hard and abit faster today, mainly just to keep warm as it was snowing this morning in fort William. Had to change clothes as I got soaking wet!! Legs are sore again but the ice baths are doing the job. Lovely running next to loch ness. Roads are pretty scary as there are massive logging trucks but hopefully tomorrow the roads should be a little more quiet. Thanks to all the new likes, please keep going with the shares and posts! Hopefully hit the 1000 mark by Friday!

Day 11 - 16/04/2012

Better day today. Legs feeling better, thanks mainly to jacqui parfitt an awesome physio in fort William! Ice bath was once again horrible but amusing for those that can hear me scream!!!! Trying to find things to keep my mind engaged while running is tough, started to learn Spanish and i quite often do the voice of the Geordie guy that does the voice over on big brother!! "day eleven" said in the Geordie accent! My brother has kept my spirits up by peeping the horn everytime I stop for a pee as well which he finds very amusing! Loch Ness tomorrow.

Day 10 - 15/04/2012

A good day running round long loch, up rest and be thankful and on to Inveraray. Amazing view from the top of rest and be thankful. Next driver (Trev) my brother has arrived and ran with me this afternoon after Sara had left this morning. Meeting a guy this morning who gave a very generous donation but more importantly came with jelly babies was brilliant!! Really helped pick me up! Ice bath tonight was horrific! Keep the likes, texts, tweets, calls and donations coming.

Day 9 - 14/04/2012

Painkillers, protein shakes and pma. A great chapter for my book and the only way of getting through a day!! Good running this morning, crisp spring sunshine and a few peeps from the passing traffic for motivation. The ice and ibruprofen routine is becoming very much a daily ritual. No video today I am afraid, logged myself outta you tube and can't remember my password! Tough climbs tomorrow up "rest and be thankful"!! Then up to Inveraray!! Brother arrives tomorrow for a little bit of running. Thanks for all the new likes!! Your challenge is to get us to 1000 likes by the time I get back to England next week!!!

Day 8 - 13/04/2012

Both legs are taking a real beating at the moment. Driver tom has finished and Kate arrives tonight. Once again amazing scenery for running. Went along the electric brae today too!! Keep going everyone maybe 500 likes tonight!! Thank u for all the texts, tweets, likes and emails they are fantastic. Going to tackle Glasgow tomorrow!!

Day 7 - 12/04/2012

Second day in a row of pain in my knee. Had my medication advice from the great Jane Peggs hopefully that will do the trick! Been an awesome day up here, great weather, scenery and people. Need more likes on here!! Get sharing and reposting! Tom (driver) wants 400 by tomorrow (Friday I think) evening.

Day 6 - 11/04/2012

Run.....walk....crawl if u have to. That was the motto of today. Tough day. Amazing people all day donating and pipping support! Enough to keep anyone going!!

Day 5 - 10/04/2012

New driver tom arrived. Had all seasons today. Running in hail is not pleasant!!

Day 4 - 09/04/2012

Losing three toenails! Ow. Rained all day!! Scotland here I come!!

Day 3 - 08/04/2012

Day three done and dusted!! Much better day, better running, brilliant scenery, mum and dad turned up for a few miles and I get to have a bath!!

Day 2 - 07/04/2012

Hurt today! Much more quiet roads. Tough climbs. Just carb loading now.

Day 1 - 06/04/2012

First day done!! Just having a brew in carnforth! Loved it today!! People actually handing money to me in the street!! Broken Britain my bum!! Come run with me for a day and you will see how great people in Britain are!!

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