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The idea has changed somewhat to what was first thought!! The run has got harder and harder as planning and preperation have continued. This is now going to be a solo run. Matt unforunately could not see himself completing the run. My initial thoughts were to find another runner to run with me, but after considering what i would be asking the person to do I have now decided to push my body and mind to the limit and run it all myself. This will workout to be 50 miles per day for 50 days!!!

Most people might think I am slightly crazy! and yes I might agree that this is something that most normal people might never undertake. It started with wanting to do something amazing, and through a few discussions about mountains, swims and cycles I came to the conclusion that running was a good option. Lower risk than trying to climb a mountain but punishing enough that not many others will be willing to follow. Help for Heroes has always been close to my heart. I have the upmost respect for each and every serviceman and woman and believe that everything should be done to help our wounded soldiers.

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